Experience USC

USC Transportation, USC Hospitality, USC Housing, USC Bookstores and each dining location at USC had their own social media pages. In an effort to consolidate audiences we created a single social media presence for followers to be 'the most informed members of the Trojan Family'. This effort brought more than a dozen individual social media pages together to create one channel for information and happenings at the University. 

Collaborating with the marketers, we landed on the name 'Experience USC'. Additional exploration and research sparked my idea for 'XUSC'. Keeping our wide target audience of students, faculty, staff, alum, and visitors to the campus in mind, XUSC was created at the end of 2017. XUSC shares information about university dining, tastings, a wide range of events, gameday information, and tidbits of 'Trojan Insider' info. 


Beyond Social 

Experience USC moved beyond social media to an expanding university-wide campaign that is being implemented into Orientation in August of 2018. Through sharing the naming convention, we are able to connect different events under one encompassing idea of 'Experiencing USC in a whole new way'. From eating, attending an event, or stopping by the Farmers Market, the Trojan Family is encouraged to share their experiences with #ExperienceUSC and to connect on social. 

I created a naming convention that is universal throughout different marketing campaigns. 

Food / eat X USC

Drink / drink X USC

Transportation / move X USC

Housing / sleep X USC

Bookstore / shop X USC

Education / learn X USC 

& more.


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