Sweeter is a dessert search engine iOS app that allows its users to search by category, item, open now, open late, and by distance. Sweeter is a collaboration between myself, Sasha Swerdlow, Nicole Marquez, and Alexandra Del Salto. In June 2016 the four of us developed the idea of a dessert search engine. 

At first, we had no idea we decided to create a dessert search engine. We wanted to solve for the problem of, "Hey do you want to go out for dessert? Yeah, Sure! But where should we go?". Five months later we had a working MVP of our idea and after collecting and standardizing all of our data, we were able to play with working software.

As a designer, I became the driving force for the creative direction, branding, UX and UI of Sweeter. After creating detailed wireframes and simple designs, I collaborated with another designer to help realize my vision while I worked with my co-founders on executing the rest of the development. 





Elevator Pitch

For dessert lovers who are tired of searching up and down the internet trying to find the best spot in town to satisfy their sweet tooth, The Sweeter App is a dessert search engine that allows you to discover dessert specifically by item. Unlike Yelp, Google, or Buzzfeed, our app lets you search specifically by items AND location. Sweeter is based on user generated content that provides useful reviews and ratings on a plethora of dessert items. Whether you use the swipe deck game or the search filters, Sweeter makes satisfying your sweet tooth as easy as a click of a button! 

Our major differentiating factor is that we are a dessert search engine that is searchable through specific items. Websites and apps like Yelp are only searchable through restaurants, types of cuisine (excluding dessert), and rating-- not by that chocolate cake you're craving right now

Sweeter also features a 'Tinder-like' swipe game that allows you to save your favorite desserts so you can try them out or swipe on and find something else you can crave!